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Exterior Site, Building Envelope, Roof, Full Interior, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Basement, Attic, Insulation/Ventilation, Fireplace/Chimney and Garage.

Complete report with full color photos.

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UNDER 1000 sq.ft.


1001-1500 sq. ft.


1501-2000 sq. ft.


2001 - 3000 sq. ft.


3001 - 4000 sq. ft.


4001+ sq. ft. 

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Add-On Service

A full Scan of the home allows us to see beyond the visible spectrum. Infrared anomalies can help us determine where there is a need for further investigation. Find out where your home stands regarding moisture intrusion, insulation coverage, electrical hot spots and more. ....

Advanced Thermal Imaging Inspection


Additional Pricing Details

     There are incremental fees for homes that are older than 70 years or when the property is a substantial distance away. 

✓ Pre-offer inspections are priced differently. A pre-offer inspection is NOT an inspection as defined by WA state legislature. It is a verbal consultation done with a licensed home inspector. A verbal Consultation is $100 less and includes no written report. Call or book for more details. 

There is an additional price for an outbuilding like a barn, mother-in-law, or detached garage.

A $50 fee applies to homes where most of the house is on a crawlspace.